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The law office of Kielsky Rike pllc is a Tempe, Arizona, law firm that devotes a significant part of its practice to criminal defense work. With a straightforward and direct approach, the firm strives to address client needs quickly and effectively.

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Our Criminal Defense Work

We believe in the constitutional principle that the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the fundamental ideal that everyone deserves a skillful defense, no matter the government's accusation. Our office has real-world experience, representing clients as they face criminal charges ranging from criminal traffic, DUI, code violations, property, and theft crimes, assault and domestic violence, and up to and including the most serious accusation, murder.

Adept both inside the courtroom and outside of it, we are aggressive in our response to governmental overreach, overcharging, and the almost routine encroachment on constitutional rights.

When you first come to us with your case, we will examine the facts and gather as much relevant information as we can. We will then advise you about potential defense options. There may be a strategic approach you hadn't yet considered. For instance, we may examine any police interactions to ensure you were treated fairly under the law. Procedural mistakes and constitutional violations made by police may be grounds to have a charge dismissed.

Advice You Can Trust

When you're worried about a criminal charge on your record, it's important not to risk inexperienced representation. We've had years of experience working in the Arizona justice system. We know the law, are comfortable dealing with prosecutors and the courts, and understand law enforcement tactics.

You can expect straightforward and honest answers to your questions as you deal with our firm. We don't surprise clients with new strategies or charges, and will maintain contact with you every step of the way.

We understand that every case is different. This is why we strive to implement creative and individualized legal solutions for each client.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions to legal problems, so it's best to talk through your case with a lawyer. To get in touch with Kielsky Rike pllc, call 602-467-3946.