Tempe Lawyers For Driving On A Suspended License

The state of Arizona considers driving on a suspended or revoked license a criminal matter. There are a variety of reasons why a person's license may be suspended or revoked. For instance it may have been revoked based on a traffic ticket under Arizona's point system. The state also revokes licenses in some circumstances if you failed to pay a simple civil fine. Kielsky Rike pllc defends clients in the Tempe, Arizona, area when they face a life-altering criminal record. If you mistakenly drove on a suspended license, you have defense options. Contact attorney Michael Kielsky at 602-467-3946.

Penalties And Consequences

Driving on a suspended license can result in serious consequences, especially if you did not realize your license was invalid. Driving on a suspended license is considered a class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona. This means that those convicted face jail time of up to six months and a fine of no more than $2,500. Your vehicle may also be impounded. While these are only the penalties you'll notice right away, having a misdemeanor on your record may impact your life in other ways as well. For example, you may face increased insurance premiums or the unpleasant experience of having to disclose a criminal conviction on employment applications.

Why Hire Kielsky Rike pllc?

Often people don't realize that they're driving on a suspended license. In order to be convicted, prosecutors will need to prove that you knowingly operated your car or truck while your license was suspended or revoked. If you didn't know, you can't be convicted. When you hire our firm, we will make your case to the prosecutors with the aim of having all charges dismissed.

Another option we have in situations like this is to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors. Often this means clients don't pay maximum penalties or face as much jail time.

Don't risk further time without a driver's license. It may be in your best interests to fight the charge. The Kielsky Rike pllc lawyers work to mitigate penalties and to help you get back on your feet. Contact us at 602-467-3946.